Adelaide Connected is an annual event having commenced in 2017 following similar joint events organised by the PMI Adelaide Chapter and IIBA Adelaide Branch. It has expanded to include other Adelaide based industry / professional associations jointly planning and hosting this event to bring together a wider group of association members and members of the public to both network and be entertained by industry speakers.

Adelaide Connected events have included:

2017 AC1.0 – Adelaide Connected - Passion and Purpose

A group of Adelaide based industry Associations are bringing together the widest group of Adelaide professionals under 1 roof for an evening of x industry networking.

Expand your networks and connect with other industry professionals for the only x-association networking event supported by all major member associations.

To flavour the evening, guest speakers from 3 leading and diverse industries will provide insights into our 'Passion and Purpose'.

2018 AC2.0 – Innovation creating opportunities for SA

Focus Areas: What innovation is happening / required to stimulate industry and create / retain jobs in SA.

Speakers: Seeking up to 5 speakers / entrepreneurs who can share a story, highlighting what and how innovation has supported their journey, their businesses and created jobs; hopefully imparting some useful messages

2019 AC3.0 – The Future of Work in SA

In this third year, Adelaide Connected 3.0 will seek understanding of potential business change and how to embrace the challenges of an evolving business community, in order to be prepared and connected. Therefore, the theme for this annual event is really about the future of work in South Australia.

2020 AC4.0 – Cloud Connected

Our 4th annual event, hosted over a 2-course dinner with 4 speakers addressing these questions:

What are the key features of modern cloud offerings to businesses?

What are businesses doing in the cloud and why?

Why is Cyber Security a major consideration in the cloud?

What is the business case for moving to the cloud?