Risks Are There, Be Aware! Tips and Tricks for Project Risk Management - 20 August 2018 Presentation


Konstantinos Kirytopoulos has given a very informative and interactive presentation on the importance of risk identification and management and its impact on project delivery.
The presentation focused on the risk management processes, highlighted some common pitfalls when applied in projects and provided insights and tips and tricks to mitigate risk.
Asya Orazova
Events Manager
Photo by Laura García Quijada

Every project manager knows how important considering risks is: if not well managed, they can easily fail a project. This presentation will focus on the risk management processes and highlight some common pitfalls when these are applied in projects. Examples from specific projects combined with short activities for the participants will offer insights on what should be applied, when and how. Take home from this presentation would be tips and tricks of the trade!
Konstantinos Kirytopoulos works as an Associate Professor of Project Management at the School of Natural & Built Environments at the University of South Australia. He is known for his work in project risk management and his expertise and research activity rest mainly on project risk management, project control methods and project management standards. He has served as a subject matter expert for the development of ISO 21508: Earned value management in project and programme management (2018), the ISO 21500: Guidance on project management (2012), the PMI Practice Standard for Project Risk Management (2009) and has been a content reviewer for the last three versions of the PMBOK® Guide (2017, 2013, 2008).
His main professional goal is to diffuse project and risk management disciplines, as well as to inspire people use them, not only in order to achieve business but also their personal goals.
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