#noprojects - A Culture of Continuous Value - 19 November 2018 Presentation


At our November monthly event, Shane Hastie, co-author of the book "hashtag#noprojects: A Culture of Continuous Value” joined us via Skype to provide insights his book. A presentation followed by Frank Vassallo with facilitated group discussion on the book and the insights generated.

Today success comes from building products people love, creating loyal customers and serving the broader stakeholder community. In this thoughtful exploration on the future of work, the co-author explores the past, present and future of the “project”. He explained why, in today’s fast-changing & hyper-competitive world, running a temporary endeavour is the wrong approach to building sustainable products and how hashtag#noprojects is fundamentally changing the way companies work.

It was great to see a different perspective of project management, showing that following the traditional rules is not the only way to be successful!

Juliana do Canto, Events Director

Photos by Laura Garcia Quijada

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