Digital Disruption: How are the experts facing it? - 5 March 2019 Presentation

#PMIAdelaide #event Summary #Digitaldisruption - Digital Disruption Panel Discussion (5 March 2019)
Our honorable mediator, Peter Pavan PMP MACS, raised fundamental questions that kept all speakers engaged on answering them with great knowledge and vast experience.
The different expertises of the panel members have definitely enriched even more the quality of the event. Linda Zeelie has given a practical overview of the challenges that a business must overcome in order to bring new technologies into business processes, and how it can cause significant impact when managing projects, both in public and private sectors.
Similarly, Michael Macolino was able to narrate his daily difficulties and how you can be successful when implementing modern technologies in startup companies, whereas Sam Harley talked more about digital disruption within businesses that have already a very solid process and operations, such as the Infrastructure industry.
Last but not least, Adam Da Costa, who has a large experience in all phases of client engagement from scoping to delivery, has confidently talked about how conscious and aware a business must be when implementing new technologies that will impact directly customers and its final users.
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