Your attendance at a speaker presentation at a PMI Adelaide Chapter Event is usually a PDU qualifying activity for the PMP Continuing Certification Requirements.


To claim PDUs through PMI Global please complete the following:

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to
  3. You'll be prompted "Authentication Required" - on the right hand enter your "PMI.orgUsername" and " Password", then select “Log In”
  4. Look for the “Report professional development units (PDUs)” link on the left hand menu
  5. Step 1a - In the PDU category drop down list, select "Cat A: Registered Education Provider/PMI Component"
  6. Step 1b - In the Activity type drop down list, select "Report a Component 1-2 PDU Event" and click NEXT
  7. Step 2 - In the Component ID field, key in the "C272"  and click SEARCH
  8. Step3 - The Component Activity Information Step 3 Screen will be displayed along with TheComponent Name field populated with "PMI Adelaide, Australia Chapter"
  9. Step 3a - In the Activity date completed field enter the date of the event (using mm/dd/yyyyformat) or click on the calendar icon and chose the
    appropriate date
  10. Step 3b - In the Activity title field enter the name of the Chapter Meeting as listed on the Adelaide Chapter web site (
  11. Click NEXT (the other fields are optional)
  12. Step 4 - in the PDUs claimed box enter ‘1’ and click NEXT
  13. Step 5 - Tick the ‘I agree this claim is accurate’ box and click on the Submit button.

For any questions or issues please contact the Chapter's Professional Development Director by e-mail.