PMI Adelaide SA Chapter develops and delivers an Outreach Program titled:

“Project Management as a Life Skill”

PMI Adelaide Chapter is laying the foundations for the next generation of Project Managers.

The PMI Adelaide SA Chapter, with financial support from SA Water (winner of the 2013 PMI Global Project of the Year) have developed a Community Outreach program in line with PMI's Education Foundation vision, initially targeted at secondary schools. 

This program titled "Project Management as a Life Skill" has been successfully delivered to Pembroke School - Year 9 & 10 students in 2016 and 2017. Blackwood High School have also participated in the program and in 2019, St George College have become involved.

The program consists of teaching project management fundamentals, the five phases, explaining the terminology, then applying it to an activity, with students reporting back to the class.

The workshop runs for 2 hours.  The first hour explains the Project Management phases using a simple project that students can relate to such as “Baking a cake”. The second hour requires the students to use the methodology to “Plan a excursion.”  It was exciting to see as the students presented – their terminology matched project management rhetoric.

The most exciting part of this is the students using the project management methodology to plan a project relevent to them - a school excursion. 

We are always on the look out for engaging more schools to share our Project Management Skills, so if you have contacts in schools please feel free to contact the Chapter.

Also, we are always looking for volunteers to participate in the workshops.  If you would like to be involved, contact the Chapter and we will put you on our Project Outreach contacts list.

We would like to again thank SA Water for their ongoing support of this program.

2019 "Project Management as a Life Skill" program video: