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Mentorship Program Objective

The Objective of this program is to enhance the Project Management and soft skills of both the mentor and mentee over the period of the mentorship program. The Program is:

  1. A learning and development environment
  2. An opportunity to guide a mentee
  3. Mutual sharing of experiences
  4. Inspiring and supporting.





Roles and Responsibilities

Both the mentee and mentor are expected to maintain confidentiality, be receptive to praise, constructive criticism, have a positive attitude and commit to the duration of the program. In addition, it is expected that the mentee and mentor to be reasonably responsive (within 48 hours) to the communications. The roles and responsibilities of Mentee, Mentor and Program Coordinator are listed in the table below.


Program Coordinator (s)



Arrange mentors / mentees induction


Create a user profile on the website


Pay the fee set out for the mentoring program



Define goals and objectives



Match mentees to a mentor


Agree on goals, journey and timing of sessions


Provide guidance to the mentee as per the objectives of the program


Initiate the mentoring sessions



Run the mentoring sessions


Document the progress on the website



Provide feedback to the Program Coordinator


Measure the success on regular basis


Address issues and make changes if needed


If you have any further questions, please e-mail mentoring@pmiadelaide.org