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Social Skills, the gig economy and project management in Australia

Power Skills


About this event

The freelance/gig economy community is far more than side hustle, it is a powerful movement that captures the new view of business value and the variety of resource options for all of our projects. But it is very different to the old school resourcing models.

The World Bank has declared the gig economy is close to 30% growth each year and over 250 000 Australians participate each day – including high performance Project Managers.

Come along and learn the key aspects of the sector and what you can expect to see in the next five years

We will also dig into the current skillset and which is likely to transform, decline and evolve into new versions of itself.

Speaker Biography:


Marina Pullin

Marina is the Managing Director of MCBI, Director of Jungal,

Marina is an experienced leader and IT professional with a background spanning project management, service delivery management, consulting and leadership positions. An experienced and skilled business leader with an incurable optimism and passion for great business. It is more than making money it is about people.

A strong proponent of ethical and sustainable commercial businesses, Marina is sought after as a management consultant and commercialisation adviser, but has more recently dedicated her attention to creating a sustainable model for Australia's freelancing community to showcase talent and experience in a dignified manner.

Her vision is to see freelancing become the career of choice with people who have a passion for work being able to connect with great businesses to promote great change across our community and society.


Type of category: Member Events

Type of activity: Leadership

Date: 24 August 2022

Hour: 17:30 to 20:00

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Hotel Ibis Adelaide

122 Grenfell Street

Adelaide, SA, 5000

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